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A progressive Aveda salon built around our unique approach: The 3Cs® - Truly great hair requires the balance of all three.




Whether long, short, or mid-length, all haircuts should make the face look oval (the perfect face shape). We asses and work with your particular hair growth to create the right look for you. After all, it doesn’t matter how good the quality of the material, if it isn’t cut right, it won’t sit correctly.



When you have the right shape, you want to decorate it. Colour is the C that attracts the eye. At 96% plant based the Aveda colour we use brings shine, texture, and fun to your look.



The foundation of the 3Cs. No matter how good the cut or colour, if the condition isn’t right, well… (No one wants a Dior outfit made from straw.) We work with Olapex to build your hair from the molecular level.



Each C is an imperative of its own, and essential in the balance of all three. And that balance produces one thing; the hair you’ve always wanted.


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