The space where curl specialism and precision cutting meet.


What is Curlaplex?

The Curlaplex is a three-stage cut and curl transformation service designed to bring the practice of precision shape to curl specialism.


How is it done?

Textures, curls, and waves are as individual as you, and are best approached as such. We do not believe in blanket dogmas such as curls should only be cut dry, or I only cut curl by curl, or even, I only cut texture wet. Some textures are best approached curl by curl (often recommended for curly to coily, or coily hair), some dry and technical (wavy to curly, curly hair) and some wet (wavy, wavy to curly, and curly hair).


Stage 1: Length and Perimeter Shape.

We will often establish your rudimentary length and perimeter shape dry to ascertain correct length and allow for shrinkage or curl reduction once styled.


Stage 2: The Foundation Shape.

Depending on your texture, density, porosity and desired shape, we will then cut the foundation shape wet, dry technical or curl by curl.

Once we have completed the foundation shape, we will reset your hair by cleansing (with co-wash or shampoo) and put an enhancing treatment through, either protein, Olaplex or hydrating (depending on what will best serve your hair). Please note, if we approach your hair wet the foundation shape will be cut with the treatment in the hair.

Your hair will be conditioned and styled into its natural texture then dried (either through diffusing or a hood dryer.)


Stage 3: Shape Refinement.

Once the hair is dry, your new shape is refined visually using a light curl-by-curl technique.


How should I arrive for my Curlpalex?

We request that you come to your appointment with your hair down, dry and in its natural (detangled) curl or wave. We will assess your texture, density, porosity and face shape, to advise you before deciding the best approach to your service.


And how long’s all this going to take?

How long’s a piece of curly string? Joking. Texture, porosity and density differ greatly but from our extensive experience your Curlaplex appointment will last around 2 hours.




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